This year around July I cancelled my $100 a month website and decided to make my own. The previous one was just too limiting and I felt i needed to have more control and could do a better job than I was paying for. The journey was a learning curve, but made it fairly user friendly (for the record I have a background in audio/video editing so I don't scare easy).

I spent the time to figure out the software and spent more time figuring out my content. Fast forward another 30 hours of labor and your looking at it. became alive. That's all fine and well but when I google David Manley, or David Manley Realtor, or Muskegon Realtor David Manley... I get some realtor with same name out of Florida wtf!

It was very discouraging that everything didn't just work out perfectly and I would rank top of the list in google! :) Turns out, there is a lot more to it than making a website and getting on with your day. I know I know, I know, we all live in the 21st century and should be well aware of SEO and Google ad-words/key words, PPS and whatever the hell else makes this internet search thingy work.

Most fancy pants big money realtors just hire out their website and don't have these problems right? i don't know, I just liked to say that, but it turns out that I am not the only person who made a website and then was disappointed because it didn't automatically rank in top 3. It seems to be a common problem for the average folk who only create a website once a year.

Apparently the suggested post-website work begins by implementing a hundred different strategies to improving your sites visibility. I don't know how much I can invest in this so if you are reading this, your probably a nerd and could help. I'll pay :)

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