The revolution that Ryan Fletcher has stirred in the real estate industry is simply one-of a kind. I found his podcast earlier this year and got hooked on the realness and authenticity of his message. I couldn't agree more with his take on the real estate industry and became a fan instantly.

Since then I have read his book , listened to every single podcast available and subscribed to his monthly newsletter "Broken Industry" and have loved every bit of information and support I have received via daily emails and content via multiple platforms.

Without riding his jock to the moon, I just respect the guy and I like the way he looks at whats going on in the world. He is just a student of brilliant minds who is executing what he has learned. I have found great value in Fletcher's opinion and I'm working on partnering with his P/SS membership and wanted to share what he shared of my P/SS application in his recent email sent to his subscribers. It made my day!


So not ALL are plagued.

And more are waking-up to the fact, they've been misled, now willing to "chew."

Or should I say, "FLECH-uh-rahyz."

In fact, David, from his submitted P/SS application:

Simply put, it's the truest message I've ever heard in business. Ryan's message has confirmed I'm not crazy, and most importantly he has given me hope. A hope that I have overlooked and forgotten after slowly getting destroyed in the automotive, credit card processing, and real estate industries. This has all been due to not knowing which skill-sets to sharpen and where my energies/time are best spent. I now see how short sighted I have been, and how I have allowed the guru's of all sorts to slowly crush my natural self and personality. I've tried to play by the same rules minus the "killer" instincts as the mega agents in each industry. I've been called or referred to as "too nice", "caring too much", "getting too involved", "building too much rapport", "too empathetic" etc. and I have been advised in each industry to just play the numbers game and pound the pavement doing what WORKS. I would try to implement their "systems" reluctantly, but would still take an unorthodox approach inevitably, whether it was a phone call, a mailer/flyer, or an in person appointment because I hated treating people like sheep/cattle, and I always felt like I was manipulating them when sticking to the "process" or script. This defiance towards these "systems' has gotten me fired from a dealership and at odds with partners in our own start-ups. My refusal to be a douche has created a dis-connect within me "what is wrong with me? Am I not cut out for sales?" which has caused much internal conflict. This has been partially resolved because I did not know what I know now.

Nevertheless, my business has suffered through a lack of vision due to short sighted goals, lack of consistency and not knowing how to craft my message better, not to mention platforms and networks. I have no choice in being a protector, it's just what I am.

As I wrote in Broken Industry, back in July...