During my journey in real estate I have learned a few things about what I'm not willing to do. When any agent enters into the business of real estate they are faced with a few realities that set in pretty quickly. How are you going to find clients, and what are you willing to do to get their attention?

If you ask any coach or real estate broker what methods are recommended to generate new business, 9 out of 10 are going to recommend cold calling, asking your friends and family, and maybe door knocking if they are the "progressive" type. This is just a reality that you can test yourself by asking a real estate professional how they generate business. Many may mention marketing via billboards and newspaper ad spaces but these can be costly for most new agents and simply impractical.

Let's backup a bit- When one becomes an agent they have received a minimum of 40 hours credited by the state of their residence and then they take a test confirming their retention of said real estate knowledge. Upon passing this test, then they receive license and have to now choose a brokerage to operate their business. At this point unless they have been coached previously, they have no idea what to do in order to make a living. The state mandated information tells you nothing of how to run your business.

This means that agents are subject to the common practices of the broker they choose. Some are fortunate but many exit the industry because they do not have the "will" to be an annoying inauthentic beggar. I know that sounds harsh but it is not an easy industry to enter if you don't possess the willingness to pursue rejection.

I can honestly admit to the common beliefs held above, and believed that I needed to cold call, door knock and ask my friends and family for business like countless others before me. This in my opinion was the worst way I could be perceived... just like everyone else. Ultimately because I'm easy to talk to and my refusing to use scripts, I could generate a conversation 3 out of 10 times, but by doing so I was nothing different than the next caller who maybe had that commando sales approach that bullies people into decisions. Yeah it may be "effective" but ultimately extends the derogative perception of realtors further.

Truth is, cold calling, family begging and door knocking methods of generating business are just simply unfortunate. It CAN work, and I did generate business these ways, but it was difficult all the way through each transaction. The way our relationship began was just too impressionable and cliche, there was constant objections and a slight distrust.

I believe there are an infinite different set of options when trying to generate new clients and building a brand for yourself. It's unlikely but i'm hopeful that the "coaching" real estate professionals will shift to offering helpful advice to their new agents that emphasize using their heads and hearts instead of scripts, fake urgency, and random pop by's from someone they do not know care for or trust.

I will not over promise my endeavors, but i can assure you that you will never receive a call or visit from me that you did not request. I hope that you can appreciate my willingness to treat people like people and not just a commission check. I am much more than just a real estate agent and you are much more than just a client, you are a person first and should be respected as such. Enjoy your telemarketer free dinner with your family on me.

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