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My services range and vary but could be summed up in a few words, "An insider you can trust". The vast amount of options people have when buying and selling real estate can be overwhelmingly difficult to understand and piece together. The real estate world can be a puzzle that is hard to put together correctly if you don't have an image to reference. My service gives you the necessary snapshot in order to put that puzzle together painlessly. I'm approachable and easy to speak to.


In today's world, most people I work with prefer to use platforms like Zillow to quickly access photos and basic property information. I completely understand and sometimes use the service myself, although I do not recommend Zillow's information provided to the public. There's no point in fighting the current on this matter, so I made a work around.


It makes more sense to accept the current trends and supply REAL up to date information to my circle of influence.


Click on links below for REAL up to date market information and avoid being misled by Zillow.

Below are searches for the following;

Muskegon County under $300K 

North Ottawa County under $300K

Grand Rapids under $300K

Land Contracts

Reo bank owned

Top 200 under $100K

Top 100 under $50K

Top 50 under $25K

Investor  2-4 Units

Rural Development

5 Acres or more under $50k

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